When it comes to storage containers, a common question we receive from our customers: Is the container insulated? This question raised an important topic regarding insulated storage containers, insulations, and their importance. Let’s find out!

Benefits of insulation.

To begin with, Insulation means a material used to lower the rate of heat transfer; it helps maintain a proper and preferable temperature. A well-insulated house should preserve the warm temperature indoors during winter and keep the house cool during summer.

insulated storage container

LuckyBox 20′ Standard Storage container

Insulation for storage containers.

Now, why do we need Insulation for storage containers? Since storage containers are often located outdoors, exposing them to unpredictable climates, condensation inside the container is inevitable, especially during the winter and rain seasons. Insulation helps prevent condensation inside the storage container; it minimizes the moisture trapped inside the storage unit and ultimately protects your belongings from exposure to excess moisture.

LuckyBox Self-Storage container, insulated ceiling with 1-inch spray foam.


Peace of mind with LuckyBox insulated containers.

Here at LuckyBox Storage, our drive-up self-storage units all come with insulated ceilings with 1-inch spray foam, thus mitigating the risk of excess moisture exposure. This gives our customers the peace of mind knowing that their belongings are being adequately protected from the elements.

Moreover, in terms of our off-site rentals, we offer different types of fully insulated containers to fulfil your needs. Feel free to send us a note or call us for more details.