Looking for extra storage for your business? Here are some examples of businesses that we serve and some recommendations to choose the right solution.

Construction/Contractor Tools Storage

We understand the need of contractors and construction companies to move from one worksite to another a couple times a year. That is why LuckyBox storage can provide the perfect storage solution for keeping your equipment and tools safe and easily transportable. Our containers come in many sizes and it is possible to exchange your container for a smaller or larger one as needed.

In addition, if you don’t need to keep all your tools on site and don’t want to worry about them, we can store a shipping container in our yard as long as you want. Just give us a call when you need your equipment back and we will deliver it to your new worksite.

Contractor Tools Storage

LuckyBox storage solutions for businesses

Retail Store Inventory

Whether it is to store seasonal items or excess material, the flexibility of LuckyBox Storage allows you to find the perfect solution for your specific needs. You can rent a storage container that will come to your location for loading or you can simply book a container in our self-storage facility and you will be able to access your items whenever you want.

Moreover, if you don’t have a truck or if you don’t need to access your items regularly, our On-Demand storage solution will be perfect for you.

Those solutions come in several sizes and we want to offer you the best storage experience ever.

All our containers are wind & watertight plus rodent proof! Your belongings will be safe.

Industrial Storage

Our sister company, ContainerWest does our manufacturing so we know the value of industrial tools, equipment and supplies. It is essential to keep them in good condition to ensure the productivity of the company.

LuckyBox Storage containers

storage container

Restaurants Storage

Using our On-Demand storage service is the best recommendation we can give to restaurant owners to store their spring & summer furniture during the fall and winter. It is well known that the weather elements are powerful and could damage unprotected property.

We will deliver a storage container to your restaurant and we will give you some time to load your LuckyBox. After that, we will store your loaded container in our secure yard until the next season.

As soon as the sun returns and you need your outdoor furniture back, call us and we will deliver your container back to your location.

Events Storage

We know that organizing an event is very stressful and a lot of preparation is necessary. It is really important for the event team to have all the items ready on site. That is why renting a LuckyBox shipping container is a very good solution. All our storage containers are lockable and secure. They can even prevent bad weather from harming your equipment.

Once your event is over, we can store your container in our secure yard until your next event. Whether that is one month or one year, we have you covered. Our professional driver will be happy to deliver your mobile container to your new event site.

Your business is important to us so if you need a storage solution, please send us a note or give us a call and our sales representatives will be happy to serve you promptly.