You may be organizing your home and struggle to find space to place your furniture, or you are moving and would need temporary storage. On the other hand, your business may require extra space to store your inventory; No matter what the case may be, our self-storage service is the solution to all individuals and companies that need an additional place to store their valuables. With the convenience and flexibility that LuckyBox Storage offers, here are the benefits of self-storage for individuals and businesses.

Self-storage for Individuals

Perhaps you have many household items or valuable items that you need to store properly to optimize usable space in your home. Here at LuckyBox Storage, we offer sea-can storage container sizes that range from 7 foot to 40 foot for you to choose from. So no matter if you have a lot or just a few items to store, you are going to find the right self-storage size that suits you the most. Moreover, all of our sea-can storage containers are top insulated to control moisture and prevent condensation so that your items and valuables will stay dry and safe.

Moving to your new home is an exciting experience, but it can inevitably get stressful when you need to transfer items from one place to another. With our self-storage option to rent short-term and long-term, you can securely store your items at our facility for as long as you need, making the moving process as smooth and pleasant as possible.

luckybox storage container

LuckyBox Storage container

Self-Storage for Businesses

Are you planning to expand your business or temporarily relocate your office and need space to store work equipment and important documents? Your company can benefit from our self-storage service to optimize space in your workplace and help keep things organized.

Our self-storage facility is gated with wired fences and monitored with CCTV surveillance 24/7 to ensure the safety and security of your valuables. We also offer the option of 24/7 access to our self-storage facility to provide the flexibility you need to store or take out items whenever you want.

LuckyBox Storage self-storage container

storage container

Need storage space? Feel free to send us a note or call us for more details and options for storage for individuals and businesses!