It is the start of a new year; with all the New Year goals you set to achieve, what better way to start a new year than renovating your house to make it look and feel brand-new. People often have mixed impressions of home renovations; on one hand, it consumes time, energy, and effort to move and store existing household items. On the other hand, a newly renovated house brings joy and excitement to all homeowners. Our off-site container rental is the best temporary storage solution for you to make the renovation process as effortless as possible.


Our off-site container rental procedure is very straightforward: First, you select the size of sea-can you’ll need, then we transport the empty container to your destination of choice, you then fill the container with your items and store the container at your location for as long as you need. Once your renovations are completed, give us a call, and we will pick up the emptied container at your convenience; it is as simple as that.

The most significant advantage of our off-site rentals is the ease of loading. We’ll place the container right outside your home or wherever your designate as best for you. There is no need to load a truck and drive off to some storage facility; you’ll have complete accessibility to the unit right outside your home. Our off-site rentals are the perfect solution to save you time, money, and a whole lot of hard work.

Container Rental for Storage

LuckyBox truck delivering Off-site container rental

Feel safe and secure

Our shipping container is made of steel and designed to be durable; it is near impossible to break in. All of our storage containers are also windproof and watertight so that you can feel safe and secure with your valuables stored inside. In addition, LuckyBox Storage values the security of our customer’s possessions; all of our containers are installed with a lockbox to prevent bolt cutters and preserve your padlock from rusting.

Are you planning to renovate your house soon? Feel free to send us a note or call us for more information.