Looking for extra storage for your seasonal sporting equipment? Or you are planning to move to your new place and simply need temporary storage space. Regardless of the different circumstances you may find yourself in, one thing that we cannot seem to have enough in the metropolitan area – Space. LuckyBox Storage is your cost-effective solution for secure storage. Below we outline why our storage container beats most other storage options.


Our LuckyBox Storage containers are constructed from corrugated steel and are built to withstand all types of weather conditions. In fact, they come to us via cargo ships and withstand the extreme conditions of ocean travel with ease. You can have peace of mind ensuring that your items are safe and secure in our storage shipping containers. All LuckyBox Containers are wind and watertight, along with being made from durable steel.

LuckyBox stacked red containers


The most visible advantage of a shipping container is its large size. To give you a rough idea: a 10’ container will usually fit the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment; a 20’ container will fit the contents of a 3-bedroom home, and a 40’ container will accommodate contents equivalent to a 2-car garage.

More often than not, renting a shipping container for storage is cheaper than renting a storage locker. Here at LuckyBox Storage, we offer the best rates for container rentals, as well as self-storage rentals in the area. Check out our container rental and self-storage rates.

LuckyBox Storage containers

storage container


As a shipping container is made of steel and is designed to be durable, it can hardly be vandalized, or broken into. You can feel safe and secure with your valuables stored inside the storage container.

In addition, LuckyBox Storage values the security of our customer’s possessions; all of our containers are installed with a lockbox to prevent bolt cutters and to preserve your padlock from rusting.

If you are interested in renting a storage container feel free to send us a note or call us for inquiries.