People often ask, how does the delivery and pick-up of the container work? They ask about the best placement location and how to prepare their items for transport and storage. At LuckyBox Storage we use two different kinds of trucks and experienced drivers to meet most job requirements.

The Tilt Deck Truck

A Tilt Truck is a transport vehicle that has a flat deck and tilts at an adjustable angle. The deck moves very slowly to safely load and offload your container. Once the deck is extended and the container has almost reached the ground, wood strips are placed on the ground to protect the surface from direct contact. Using a powered winch, the driver controls the movement of the container so there is no way that the container can fall off. Next, by moving the truck forward, the other end of the LuckyBox will slowly reach the ground.

In order to use this truck, we need a minimum of 70 feet of length for a 20’ container. This includes the length of the truck, the deck and a 20’ container. Moreover, this truck is approved to lift a maximum of approximately 11,000 Lbs. total weight.

It takes approximately 20 minutes to offload your shipping container if you follow the tips and instruction from of our sales representatives.

This is a very common and safe way to move a loaded container. Your belongings should be well-packed and secured inside the container using the Tie-Down Hooks along the floor and roofline. Tie-Down Hooks are found in all of our containers and are evenly spaced on both sides so you can keep your possessions from shifting during transport.

LuckyBox Tilt Deck Truck Delivery

The HIAB Truck

The HIAB (Hydrauliska Industri AB) truck is a transport vehicle that is equipped with a hydraulic crane. Lifting Straps linked to the crane are attached to the container. The crane operator lifts the container and places it on the ground. The container should be levelled using wood strips or bricks placed at the corners. This helps prevent leaving any marks on the surface.

HIAB trucks offer more flexibility for placing the container. It allows us to reach sites that the TILT Truck cannot access such as fenced areas, elevated perch, confined spaces etc…

Mini container truck delivery

Crane Truck

Your trusted partners

At LuckyBox, our professional staff takes great care to ensure that your belongings will be safe during transport and storage. Again, we advise you to use strap hooks to keep all your important items firmly stowed inside the container.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will find together the best way to deliver/pick up your container. Feel free to send us a note or call us for more information.