Suppose you are looking for extra storage space but do not prefer to have a container sitting outside your home taking up space, nor do you need readily access to the stored items. In that case, On-Demand storage will be our best storage option for you. Below we describe our simple procedure for On-demand storage and demonstrate how it can suit your storage needs.

On-demand storage explained

To begin with, here is the procedure of our on-demand storage:

Step 1: Make an arrangement with LuckyBox Storage to deliver an empty container to your site.

Step 2: Take your time to load the empty container with the items you wish to store.

Step 3: Inform us that you have finished loading. We pick up the loaded container and store it in our yard.

Step 4: Confirm the address you would like us to deliver the container; we will transport your loaded container from our yard to your location.

Step 5: Unload your items from the container, and contact us when all items are unloaded. We will arrange a pick up for the empty container.

storage containers

Stacked LuckyBox storage containers

Common uses for on-demand storage

On-Demand storage option works best if you know you want to store your items for a longer duration of time and you do not need frequent access to those items. This storage option is the perfect solution for someone that is moving homes.

Delivery of a LuckyBox on-demand storage container

Convenient and cost-effective

We’ll drop off an empty container at your old house; you have the convenience of having the unit right outside your door to load up. Then we stack away the container until your new home is ready to go. Once your new home is ready, we’ll drop off the loaded container to the new location and again, you’ve got the convenience of moving furniture and other items right outside your front door. This option saves time, effort, and money.

Send us a note or call us for more information how on-demand storage might suit your storage needs.