When you are looking to purchase a Sea-can, perhaps the first thing to think about is buying a new or a used one. As you may know, sea-cans come in a variety of sizes. However, used sea-cans also offer various options when it comes to condition of the unit. Below, we are going to talk about the different conditions of used sea-cans and the terminology associated with them.

New Sea-can

The general term for a brand new container is “one trip” or a “one tripper”.


  • Wind and watertight
  • Operational cargo doors
  • Acceptable for shipping
  • Minimal dents and scratches
  • In perfect condition for shipping
lucky box storage container

Lucky box storage container

Used Sea-can

There are two major terms for used sea-can that describe the condition the container is in; Cargo worthy (CW) and Wind and Watertight (WWT).

ContainerWest yard on Mitchell Island, Richmond BC

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Cargo worthy (CW)

  • Wind and watertight
  • Operational cargo doors
  • Acceptable for shipping
  • Some dents, scratches and repairs
  • In good condition and still suitable for shipping

Wind and Watertight (WWT)

  • Wind and watertight
  • Operational cargo doors
  • Not suitable for shipping
  • Many dents, scratches and some patches from the repair
  • Need to be repaired or modified to be qualified for shipping

After knowing these standard terms that describe the condition of the sea-can, it will help you better understand the container you are looking for when purchasing.

As the price of a sea-can skyrocketed during the ‘shipping container crisis’, here at LuckyBox storage, we offer storage container rentals, which may be a better option for you than purchasing a sea-can. Feel free to send us a note or call us for more information.