Drive up Self-Storage - Things To Keep in Mind

LuckyBox Self-storage facility
LuckyBox Self-storage facility

For our ground access drive up self-storage rental, we allow our valuable customers to park their vehicles on the driveway beside their storage unit to store their items. We also provide a garbage and disposal bin in our storage facility in Richmond, BC, for our customer’s convenience. There are regulations for the usage of our storage facility our customers should consider for all our customers to enjoy the convenience of our self-storage rental equally. Here are things our customers should keep in mind when using accessing our storage facility:

The type of vehicle entering our facility

As mentioned, for our drive up self-storage rental, customers can park their vehicle beside their storage unit to store their items. Our driveway is designed to accommodate space for moving vans or trucks to park and unload items temporarily. On the other hand, our driveway cannot fit big trailer trucks, along with a loaded container with items to store. The main reason being our driveway is relatively narrow; it would be very challenging, if not impossible, for a big trailer truck to turn. Moreover, the loaded container will block other customers’ access to their storage units.

It is also essential to specify that the driver should always be on-site. If other customers want to access their storage unit, the car will be mobile to move temporarily.

The use of the garbage bin

The garbage bin provided in our storage facility is mainly for personal use. It is crucial to remember that commercial waste, such as cardboard and other business-related waste, should not be dumped into the bin.

These are the regulations for using our storage facility; we should cooperate to make our storage facility enjoyable and usable for all our customers.

The Difference Between Our Portable and Stacked Storage Options

LuckyBox Storage stacked containers

In terms of storage, we offer different options and services. If you are moving, we highly recommend our portable storage and stacked storage options; the two services mentioned are alike and similar. Here we will break down the details of each service and indicate the main difference between the two so that you will better understand which rental option to choose.


Portable Storage


We offer two container sizes for our portable storage option: 10’ and 20’. We will first deliver an empty container to your site. You then load the storage container up with your items at your location. We will pick up your loaded container and store it in our facility. We will deliver the loaded container from our facility to your new location whenever you are ready. After unloading all your items, we will pick up the empty container, which will be the end of your rental.


The maximum load for the items to be stored in the container is 3000 lbs. We charge a $100 viewing fee if you need to take something out from your storage container at our facility. The portable storage option is best if you are moving and do not have a location to store the container.


Stacked Storage


Our stacked storage option also offers two container sizes: 10’ and 20’. You will first arrive at our facility for this storage option with your items to store. You will load the container up with your items at our facility, and after loading is complete, we will stack the container up to the pile and store it for you. When you need your items back, please give us at least one business day notice for us to lower your container down to ground level. You will then come to our yard and unload the items from your container.


The stacked storage option is our most affordable storage option, given that you have transportation covered. The maximum load for the container is also 3000 lbs, and we charge a $100 viewing fee, just like portable storage.


The main difference between our portable storage and stacked storage option is transportation. We recommend our stacked storage option if you have your transportation covered, as it is the most economical storage option. We recommend our portable storage option if you would like to enjoy the complete package, with storage and transportation arranged for you.


Feel free to visit our website for more information or give up a call at 1-800-561-9530 for inquiries. We are always happy to help!