The importance of insulated storage containers

When it comes to storage containers, a common question we receive from our customers: Is the container insulated? This question raised an important topic regarding insulated storage containers, insulations, and their importance. Let’s find out!

Benefits of insulation.

To begin with, Insulation means a material used to lower the rate of heat transfer; it helps maintain a proper and preferable temperature. A well-insulated house should preserve the warm temperature indoors during winter and keep the house cool during summer.

insulated storage container

LuckyBox 20′ Standard Storage container

Insulation for storage containers.

Now, why do we need Insulation for storage containers? Since storage containers are often located outdoors, exposing them to unpredictable climates, condensation inside the container is inevitable, especially during the winter and rain seasons. Insulation helps prevent condensation inside the storage container; it minimizes the moisture trapped inside the storage unit and ultimately protects your belongings from exposure to excess moisture.

LuckyBox Self-Storage container, insulated ceiling with 1-inch spray foam.


Peace of mind with LuckyBox insulated containers.

Here at LuckyBox Storage, our drive-up self-storage units all come with insulated ceilings with 1-inch spray foam, thus mitigating the risk of excess moisture exposure. This gives our customers the peace of mind knowing that their belongings are being adequately protected from the elements.

Moreover, in terms of our off-site rentals, we offer different types of fully insulated containers to fulfil your needs. Feel free to send us a note or call us for more details.

tilt deck truck

Truck Delivery: Crane and Tilt Deck

For our offsite container rentals, we rely heavily on our truck delivery, to deliver empty containers for our customers. When handling container deliveries, two types of trucks are widely used: The Crane truck (aka HIAB truck) and the Tilt Deck truck. Here we are going to define the characteristics of the two.

Crane Truck.

  • Hydraulic truck mounted with crane, hooks or slings to upload and unload containers.
  • Offload is right beside and parallels to the deck.
  • Can carry container sizes from 8’ to 40’
  • It lifts the container and lowers it to ground level when uploading and offloading.

Crane Truck

ContainerWest Hydraulic truck mounted with crane

Tilt Deck Truck.

  • Truck equipped with an operational deck to upload and unload containers.
  • For a 20’ Tilt Deck truck, at least 60 feet of straight runway is required for offloading.
  • For a 40’ Tilt Deck truck, at least 100 feet of straight runway is required for offloading.
  • Can carry container sizes from 8’ to 40’
  • It inclines the deck and “slides” the container down to the ground level when offloading.

LuckyBox tilt deck delivery truck

tilt deck truck

Container delivery in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton

Here in the Vancouver lower mainland area, we primarily use Crane trucks for container deliveries. As the Crane truck only requires minimal space to load and unload containers, The Crane truck is more appropriate to operate in a city setting with limited space than the Tilt Deck truck.

On the other hand, the Tilt Deck Truck is commonly used for container deliveries in Calgary and Edmonton locations. As the roads in Calgary and Edmonton are typically more spacious, using the Tilt Deck truck for delivery will be more efficient.

Are you looking for an off-site container rental? Feel free to send us a note or call us for more details on containers and delivery options.

modified sea-can

LuckyBox modified sea-cans

Apart from being durable and sustainable, the option to modify a sea-can widens the versatility of its function and goes beyond just storage. When it comes to sea-can modifications, the sky is the limit, imagine the sea-can as your blank canvas. For instance, shipping containers can be transformed into offices, lunchrooms, workshops, firefighter training facilities, and even mobile homes. Here at LuckyBox Storage, we offer different modified sea-cans to fulfil your distinct needs. Below we will introduce the various features of our modified sea-cans.

Heated Storage Sea-can

  • A personnel side door and an operable cargo door on one end, with a lockbox.
  • Lights, heater and electrical outlets.
  • Fully insulated with 1-inch spray foam.

If you need to store your belongings in a warm, climate-controlled unit, our heated storage sea-can is the best option for you.

modified sea-can

Modified sea-cans at our yard in Richmond, BC

Workshop Sea-can

  • A personnel door, window and operable cargo doors in the end wall, with a lockbox.
  • Lights, heater and electrical outlets.
  • Fully insulated with lined interior.

This workshop sea-can is perfect for individuals who need an extra mobile workplace.

Office / Lunchroom Sea-can

  • A personnel side door and an operable cargo door on one end, with a lockbox.
  • Side window equipped with metal vandal guard.
  • Lights, heater, electrical outlets.
  • Air conditioner.
  • Fully insulated with lined interior.

This workshop sea-can is perfect for individuals who need an extra mobile workplace.

LuckyBox modified sea-can

modified container rental

Reefer Sea-can

  • Maintains temperature between -35 to +35 degrees Celsius (depending on the conditions).
  • Operable cargo doors at one end.
  • Aluminum “T-bar” floor to allow air circulation inside the sea-can.
  • Fully insulated.

The reefer sea-can is perfect if you need to store products that need to be cooled.

Sea-can modifications are tailored to fulfil different needs. Feel free to send us a note or call us for more details on modified sea-can rental options.

Container Rental for Storage

Off-site Container Rental for Storage

It is the start of a new year; with all the New Year goals you set to achieve, what better way to start a new year than renovating your house to make it look and feel brand-new. People often have mixed impressions of home renovations; on one hand, it consumes time, energy, and effort to move and store existing household items. On the other hand, a newly renovated house brings joy and excitement to all homeowners. Our off-site container rental is the best temporary storage solution for you to make the renovation process as effortless as possible.


Our off-site container rental procedure is very straightforward: First, you select the size of sea-can you’ll need, then we transport the empty container to your destination of choice, you then fill the container with your items and store the container at your location for as long as you need. Once your renovations are completed, give us a call, and we will pick up the emptied container at your convenience; it is as simple as that.

The most significant advantage of our off-site rentals is the ease of loading. We’ll place the container right outside your home or wherever your designate as best for you. There is no need to load a truck and drive off to some storage facility; you’ll have complete accessibility to the unit right outside your home. Our off-site rentals are the perfect solution to save you time, money, and a whole lot of hard work.

Container Rental for Storage

LuckyBox truck delivering Off-site container rental

Feel safe and secure

Our shipping container is made of steel and designed to be durable; it is near impossible to break in. All of our storage containers are also windproof and watertight so that you can feel safe and secure with your valuables stored inside. In addition, LuckyBox Storage values the security of our customer’s possessions; all of our containers are installed with a lockbox to prevent bolt cutters and preserve your padlock from rusting.

Are you planning to renovate your house soon? Feel free to send us a note or call us for more information.

luckybox storage container

The Benefits of Self-Storage for Individuals and Businesses

You may be organizing your home and struggle to find space to place your furniture, or you are moving and would need temporary storage. On the other hand, your business may require extra space to store your inventory; No matter what the case may be, our self-storage service is the solution to all individuals and companies that need an additional place to store their valuables. With the convenience and flexibility that LuckyBox Storage offers, here are the benefits of self-storage for individuals and businesses.

Self-storage for Individuals

Perhaps you have many household items or valuable items that you need to store properly to optimize usable space in your home. Here at LuckyBox Storage, we offer sea-can storage container sizes that range from 7 foot to 40 foot for you to choose from. So no matter if you have a lot or just a few items to store, you are going to find the right self-storage size that suits you the most. Moreover, all of our sea-can storage containers are top insulated to control moisture and prevent condensation so that your items and valuables will stay dry and safe.

Moving to your new home is an exciting experience, but it can inevitably get stressful when you need to transfer items from one place to another. With our self-storage option to rent short-term and long-term, you can securely store your items at our facility for as long as you need, making the moving process as smooth and pleasant as possible.

luckybox storage container

LuckyBox Storage container

Self-Storage for Businesses

Are you planning to expand your business or temporarily relocate your office and need space to store work equipment and important documents? Your company can benefit from our self-storage service to optimize space in your workplace and help keep things organized.

Our self-storage facility is gated with wired fences and monitored with CCTV surveillance 24/7 to ensure the safety and security of your valuables. We also offer the option of 24/7 access to our self-storage facility to provide the flexibility you need to store or take out items whenever you want.

LuckyBox Storage self-storage container

storage container

Need storage space? Feel free to send us a note or call us for more details and options for storage for individuals and businesses!